Skyrocketing Sports TV Rights: It’s Not a Game, It’s Big Business

It’s a fact: the steeply rising price of TV sports rights has doubled the basic video bill of Satellite and Cable TV customers over the past decade.1 And that’s not just for sports fans, but for everyone.

Why Do I Pay So Much For Sports Networks?
Offensive Play

The leagues are demanding higher and higher fees for broadcasting rights from Networks, in turn forcing them to charge higher rates to TV Providers – which in turn increases Satellite and Cable TV customers’ bills.

Originally, most games were free on Broadcast TV. Then ESPN came along and carried games from all leagues for a fee. Now, many leagues, conferences and teams, including college sports, have their own Networks – each with its own high fee, yet offering little or no additional games.

Conferences and Regional Sports Networks account for a fast-growing portion of every TV provider’s monthly bill, and it’s happening in both small towns and big cities.


Forced Play

Many teams, leagues and conferences will deny their most loyal fans access to games in order to get everyone – whether they’re a fan or not – to pay the soaring price of admission. We believe that every TV viewer should have a choice: Fans should have access to the games they want, and viewers with no interest in sports should not have to pay for what they don’t want. The solution is for specialty sports networks to allow us to place them on a sports tier so that only those who want these Networks, pay for them.

1 SNL Kagan