Which Type of TV Provider is the Right One for Me?


We live and work here, we are a true community partner and we believe we have the best services for you and your family. And we want you to make an informed decision so that you can be as positive as we are, so here’s an overview of what is out there and may be available to you.

Free TV

You may be able to see Broadcast stations free over the airwaves with a digital antenna. With some luck, you can get clear CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and PBS signals and maybe even some of the new digital stations. However, an antenna will not provide access to any cable Networks.

If you live in an area that is surrounded by mountains or in a rural area where the only tower is many miles away, your reception may be spotty or even non-existent. The weather affects signal reception, too.

Pay TV

Cable TV Providers:Subscribers receive their Local TV and Internet services via a series of cables. Because the cables need to be constantly maintained, Local TV is not a pick-and-choose your provider situation; whoever maintains and upgrades those cables at your address will be your provider.

Satellite Providers:Satellite subscribers have a dish on their roof that receives signals from a satellite. Your dish will need unblocked access to get a signal, which can be spotty during cloudy days, a snowstorm or on a rainy day – just when your activities are limited!

The two largest Satellite providers are DISH and DIRECTV. While they can offer new subscribers a great deal for the first year, rates will go up once the promotional period ends, and if you need to cancel for any reason prior to your contract expiration date, there are early termination fees.

Internet-Based Services:These services provide the ability to connect the Internet to the TV wirelessly, and is similar to the Video On Demand services we already offer.

But There’s a But: You need to purchase a device to connect them to your TV, such as Roku and Apple TV, or via a Smart TV. Prices run from about $35 – $99. Some gaming devices can also stream media and cost from $75 -$400, but may require a subscription fee per month. TiVo and some Blu-ray players also have streaming media, but with TiVo you pay a subscription charge per month.

What You Need to Watch Them: A very high-speed Internet connection with a monthly fee, a wireless connection, and one of the previously mentioned devices. PLUS you have to purchase subscriptions, such as Netflix or Hulu Plus, for an additional fee per month. And you generally have to wait from 1-7 days – even up to 21 days – to watch your favorite shows.

With So Many Choices, Why Choose Your Local TV Provider?

It’s not complicated. We are your one-stop shop for communications services in your community. We offer a wide variety of services and extend discounted rates when you choose multiple services.

We are your friends and your neighbors, and sometimes your family! As a member of your community, we care about the quality of the service we bring to you, and we appreciate you and your business.