People love to watch sports and the sports executives know it – so the programming comes at a premium. The price networks pay to air sports has caused your basic cable and satellite TV bills to double over the past decade. The NFL alone makes a little over $7 billion per year for broadcast and cable rights to air their games. Combine that with the MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, college and other sports and you can quickly see the impact.



Escalating salaries of star players and coaches place large financial demands on teams and leagues who drive up programming costs to cover expenses. These costs are passed on from the networks to your local cable company and then to you.

Many teams, leagues and conferences have their own networks and charge TV providers separate, additional fees. To maximize their profits, these sports networks require TV providers to include them on basic lineups, forcing you to pay for sports programming - which just isn’t fair.


We’re On Your Side

We believe that every TV viewer should have a choice: fans should have access to the games they want. We are fighting for this right.