Sports Charges FAQ

Still Have Questions? We Have Answers.

  • Q: How did this happen?

    A: All major sporting events have been postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19, including March Madness, 2020 Summer Olympics, PGA Tour, Major League Soccer, Horse Racing, NBA, NHL and MLB Seasons with the NFL season still in question.

  • Q: When will live sports return?

    A: In most cases, the leagues haven't decided if they'll finish their full slates of regular-season and post-season games or if they will be able to play most or all postponed or canceled games. Each sports league is providing regular updates on their plans and we are following the situation closely.

    Some leagues’ plans for resumed play have begun to leak out. For example, MLB is optimistic about starting its 2020 season in late June and playing at least 100 regular season games at MLB ballparks, but without fans in attendance. The NBA hasn’t settled on a date for resuming its regular season, but it is looking to begin practicing again soon. The PGA tour returns June 11, with players but no spectators.

  • Q: I’m not getting the sports I’m paying for. Why can’t you just give me a refund?

    A:We all want live sports programming to return as soon as possible. We have continued to pay the networks their full fees, as we are contractually required to do. In order for us to give you a refund, the networks will need to refund us for the fees we have paid for the programming we aren’t receiving. We are fighting for this result because we believe it’s the right thing for networks (and ultimately sports leagues) to do.

    Before any decisions on refunds can be made, the leagues have to figure out how many games they’ll be able to play for the networks to air, which could take months to work out.

  • Q: When will you determine whether there’s a refund and how much it will be?

    A:This needs to start with the leagues and the networks and may take months. It is impossible to guess what the amount of any refund may be. First, the leagues need to finalize the plan for the season, then determine whether to refund fees to the networks. At that point, TV providers can begin to discuss refunds with the networks. We believe that the only right thing for the leagues and networks to do is to compensate customers for the content they are not delivering, and we will continue to fight for that result.

    If the leagues end up playing most of the postponed or canceled games, there likely won’t be any refunds from them to the Networks to us to pass along to our customers.

  • Q: Other businesses, like auto insurers, are giving refunds because people are driving less. It seems like you should do the same.

    A: We agree, but the insurance companies are giving refunds because they are seeing reduced costs – less driving and fewer accidents. Costs haven’t been reduced for us and other TV providers because the sports networks and leagues haven’t given refunds at this time.