Recent Disputes

Here are examples of recent disputes between networks and TV providers.

Dish and FOX News Channel
December 2014

FOX News Channel pulled the signal from all of Dish’s customers for almost a month when Dish wouldn’t agree to an enormous fee increase and forced additional distribution for FOX Business Network. Resolved after both parties agreed to a 50% fee increase, which was passed along to Dish’s customers.

Fox’s YES Network and Comcast
November 2015

Comcast refused to pay YES Network's high fees and terminated their contract.

DIRECTV and Heartland Media
August 2016

Eight Heartland Media stations went dark on DIRECTV because DIRECTV wouldn’t pay significant increases in Heartland’s current fees.

DIRECTV and Sunbeam Television
July 2016

Sunbeam blacked out their signal from DIRECTV’s customers for over a month when DIRECTV wouldn’t agree to a 300% increase in the fees Sunbeam charges. In 2012, Sunbeam had pulled the signal for 2 weeks from DIRECTV.

Dish and Tribune Broadcasting
June 2016 – September 2016

Tribune pulled the signal to eight stations from Dish’s customers in 33 markets for nearly three months because Dish wouldn’t pay their significant rate increase, which was demanded despite decreasing viewership and recently losing access to Cubs baseball. Dish publicly objected to Tribune “using local viewers as leverage to raise rates”, and filed a lawsuit.

DIRECTV and Forum Communications
June 2016

Forum waited for three months to black out 3 ABC stations so it would fall right before the first game of the NBA finals to put extra pressure on DIRECTV to cave in to their demands for a high rate increase. The blackout lasted nearly 3 months.

AT&T and Univision
March 2016 – Present

Although there is no basis to their claims, Univision has stated that AT&T is being racist for not carrying their stations, and pulled 60 stations from AT&T customers.

AT&T and Sunbeam Television
January 2016

When AT&T didn’t accept Sunbeam’s exorbitant rate increase demands, they pulled three stations from their customers for almost a month.

Dish and Cordillera Communications
January 2016

Cordillera timed the blackout of 12 stations with the NFL Playoffs to pressure Dish to agree to their demands for a rate increase that was more than double the price of their previous contract.